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The First Awakening

Berlin, Germany
Multidisciplinary artist Qeas Pirzad’s solo exhibition explored the navigation of comprehension of surviving our surroundings. His oil paintings were accompanied by a live performance at UY Studio to invite the audience into a multi-sensory exploration of color and consciousness.

Proximity Greenhouse

Los Angeles, CA

Produced by Trap Heals directly in connection with the film Just Mercy (based on Bryan Stevenson’s book by the same name), the Proximity Greenhouse featured art of multiple mediums, music, and live performances in a greenhouse structure that was filled with flora and fauna. The activation was a part of a broader campaign strategy to shift public opinion on incarcerated individuals and was intentionally located in South LA based on the neighborhood’s history and legacy as a cultural center for Black Los Angeles and as a community impacted by mass incarceration.

Flower Vigil for Breonna Taylor

South Central Los Angeles, CA
One hundred days after Breonna Taylor was murdered, a flower vigil was presented by A Little Day Brunch to honor murdered Black women while giving living Black women their flowers while they can smell them.